Our day begins as soon as the students walk in the door and hang up their belongings. They will then walk into the classroom and start their day.

Circle Time

Here we introduce the daily themes—topic for the day, songs, weather, and calendar. We also have a student discussion and “question-this” portion which will be led by students.

Daily Worksheet

Students work on worksheets designed for the day’s theme.

Read Aloud

Listening to stories both aloud and books on CD. Books are chosen to correlate with the days theme.

Creative Time

Students will work on an art project consisting of either painting, cutting, gluing, or coloring, all of which focus on fine motor skills.  These projects help increase students’ self-esteem by being able to complete their own project.

Independent Choice

Students explore free play in groups or individually. All children are free to choose areas of interest through the use of table toys, manipulatives, blocks, Legos, puzzles. We encourage variety and individuality and applaud accomplishments.

Lunch Time

Hands are washed and then lunch time. Children bring their own lunch and water bottle.  Students learn independence opening containers and knowing what to eat first.  Sharing is not allowed.

Gross Motor Skills / Large Group Activity

During this time, we will engage in outdoor play, exploring nature, freeze dance, dramatic play, parachute play, and more.

We go outside every day, unless it is too cold. Our fenced playground provides a stimulating, safe arena for large motor development and exploration. We also explore fun in the sand with diggers and sand toys. On special days we ride bikes on protected areas of the black top. Negotiating skills flourish here, with children taking turns on bikes, swings, climbers and slides.

Dismissal and Goodbye Song

We wait for parents in room one as parents line up in the hallway. All projects will be clipped on our hallway “clothesline” after each session. Please take your time to discuss and praise your child’s efforts. They are very proud of their creations.

Our program is a genuine balance of fun, play, learning and socializing which attempts to meet growing developmental needs of each child. We encourage parents to comment on our program. We value your talents, ideas and contributions.