Our program is a genuine balance of fun, play, learning and socializing aimed to meet the growing needs of each child. Every day at Killingworth Nursery School is filled with a variety of activities that allow children to explore and make learning fun. Our warm, caring teachers relate daily concepts and themes in a secure, stimulating nursery school environment. They encourage children to expand their interests, recognizing the uniqueness of each child and working to build their self confidence. At Killingworth Nursery School, all children are accepted as they are: curious, spirited, adventurous lovers of life! We strive to bring a sense of fulfillment and joy to every child, creating confident, happy preschoolers who are ready to move to the next step in education… Kindergarten!

Our Day

Our day begins with circle time where we greet the children and sing some songs. We then discuss the day’s theme, calendar, weather and read a story. Next is center time. Our play-based curriculum focuses on school readiness. We explore free play both in groups and individually. All children are free to choose areas of interest using table toys or other manipulatives. We encourage variety and individuality and we applaud accomplishments. All children participate in clean-up time, returning materials they have used, fostering responsibility and self-esteem. 

After clean-up time, we explore our theme further through an art project, group game, listening activity or readiness exercise. Here, children reinforce language and social skills as well as readiness skills for kindergarten. We introduce colors, shapes, numbers, and letters in a fun filled way! Hands are washed and then it is lunch time. While we encourage children to use the bathroom during the session as needed, they are reminded to use it again at this time. We give thanks, sing songs, and EAT! After lunch, we play outdoors. We will go outside every day unless it is below 40 degrees, raining or snowing. Our fenced playground provides a stimulating, safe arena for large motor development and exploration. We also explore in the sand with diggers and sand toys and dig for treasures. On special days, we ride bikes on protected areas of the blacktop. Negotiating skills flourish; taking turns on bikes, swings, climbers, and slides. We close our program with a story or independent book time. All projects and notices will be clipped on our hallway “clotheslines” after each session. 

Field Trips and Special Events

Throughout the year, educational field trips and special events are offered to introduce the children to new experiences. Places such as libraries, orchards, restaurants, farms, parks, or beaches might provide interesting outings. Visits from firemen, dentists, special days and events add fun to our year. 


The Killingworth Nursery School Preschool Program teaches core fundamentals throughout the day, providing children with the skills needed for their next step in education… Kindergarten! Below are listed a few of the main curriculum topics that are taught throughout the year through projects and daily activities:

  • The alphabet: students will be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet
  • Numbers 1-20: students will be able to recognize and count from 1-20
  • Names: students will be able to recognize and write their names
  • Shapes: students will be able to recognize and name various simple shapes
  • Seasons and weather: each day students will determine the weather, month, season, and date


Classes are held on Monday through Friday from 9am – 1pm. Children can come anywhere from two or three days a week, to the full five. 

For more information about our Preschool program, please call us at 860-663-2950 or send us an email at killingworthnurseryschool@yahoo.com.