Arrival and Departure Times

Students are to be taken into the school by their parent/guardian.

When You Arrive

Please be sure an adult brings each child to the door of the classroom so our teachers can welcome and acknowledge each child as they arrive.  No child is to be left unattended in the parking lot.

Upon arrival, please sign child in on sign in book, please hang up your child’s clothing and bring your child directly to the door of the classroom. One of our teachers will be there to greet your child and have them enter the classroom.  All messages such as leaving school early or another person picking up your child can be given to one of the teachers.  Important notes are posted on the bulletin board in the hallway.  Payments and other important papers should be left in the IN bin on the bulletin board.

When You Depart

Please be on time!  Arriving a few minutes early gives you a chance to meet some of the other parent/guardian and to check the bulletin board.  It is very upsetting to the child when his/her parent/guardian or caregiver does not show up on time.

If children are left at school for over an hour and parents cannot be reached the resident state trooper will be called (per state regulations 19a-79-3a (d) (3) (A) (B) (C) (D) (E).

Upon departure from school, please sign child out, and check the clothesline at the end of the hallway.  Your child’s painting, special projects, and important notices will be there for you to take home.


Enrollment is open to all depending on availability of space in the class.  Our Director works together with our Board of Directors to provide information and registration materials to families interested in attending the school.  All are welcome and encouraged to visit the school to meet our teaching staff and observe the program.  Please call 860-663-2950 to schedule a visit/tour.

The school year runs from September to early June.  Registration for each school year takes place in February, but children may be enrolled in the program during the year.  At the time of registration, preference will be given to children/families currently enrolled and alumni.


The $100.00 non-refundable enrollment/registration fee payable upon registration includes an annual premium for a student accident policy.  The accident insurance policy carried by the school protects the children while they are attending any regularly scheduled, approved, and supervised school activity.


In case of withdrawal from school, a two-week written notice must be given and tuition for this period must be paid.  Any advance tuition for the remainder of the month beyond this period will be refunded and responsibility for the balance of the year will be waived. In case of extended illness of two weeks or more, a refund will be given only after the initial two-week period.


Each child will have the opportunity to celebrate their birthday in school.   Birthdays will be indicated on the monthly calendar with an asterisk (*), as close to child’s birthday as possible.  Summer birthdays will be included during the last month of school.


Children need to be fully potty trained and as self-sufficient as possible before entering school.  Killingworth Nursery School has their own gender specific bathrooms in the school which are a short walk from our classrooms.  The class schedule incorporates daily trips to the bathroom as a group, but children are able to use the bathroom whenever needed. Teachers ask that students let them know when they need to use the bathroom.  If a bathroom “accident” occurs, staff can help retrieve the child’s emergency clothes and assist the child with changing but encouraging the child to be as self-sufficient as possible.  Please pack a set of emergency clothes in your child’s backpack.

School Closings

KNS follows the same weather cancellation procedure as Regional School District No. 17, with the following exceptions:

If it is necessary to cancel school at the nursery school, even when RSD 17 is in session, you will be called.  If there is a weather delay in the morning, KNS will start class at 10:30 a.m. Parents whose children normally are picked up at 11:30, may opt to either pick up at 11:30 or stay until 1 p.m. on days when there’s a delayed opening.  When an excessive number of weather-related closings are taken, the Board and teachers will determine if and when days will be made up.  Please check the local news stations for cancellation of Regional School District 17.  There can be other unforeseen circumstances that cause a school closing, e.g., no heat, no electricity, no substitute teacher.  These closures will be at the discretion of the Director.