Our Classroom

The classroom is divided into several learning centers.  These areas are equipped with age appropriate materials to stimulate and encourage children to reach their own developmentally appropriate goals. We encourage individuality and self-exploration.


Art Center

Exposure to various art media, (crayons, easel painting, play dough, stencils, and chalk) and we encourage creative expression.

Science Center

Discovering nature and the world around us through simple experiments, field trips, classroom pets, rocks, shells, magnifying glasses, magnets and water play.

Language Arts and Reading Center

Big books, story tapes and CD’s and puppets help to develop an appreciation for books and reading.

Large Motor Skills Area

Our outdoor playground encourages development of gross motor skills (climber, swings and bikes).

Housekeeping Center

Child-size furniture and dress-up clothes help to develop imagination, role playing and cooperation.