Meet the Teachers

Our teaching staff consists of warm, patient, caring educators who express creativity and professionalism with children and parents. Readily available to the entire family, we are here offering support and information through informal telephone contact and email.

Erin DelVecchio (Director/Head Teacher)

Erin joined the staff at the Killingworth Nursery School in 2002 as a Tots Coordinator and Teacher.  She then became the Head Teacher for the preschool program.  In the fall of 2021, Erin took over as Director, while continuing her love, as head teacher.  Erin’s three children are graduates of Killingworth Nursery School.  Erin’s love for the Killingworth Nursery School and for the children is the reason she became a teacher.  Erin is known to many as “Mrs. D.”.  Erin believes teaching young children can be challenging, but it is always rewarding.  Foremost, in her mind, is making sure that children have a positive first experience in school. To be a part of a child’s education is an honor, no matter how old they are.  Erin has lived in Killingworth for over 25 years.

Jeanne LoMonaco (Assistant Teacher)

Jeanne joined the staff at Killingworth Nursery School in 2021 as the Assistant Teacher.  She has lived in Chester for over 19 years with her husband and two children.  Jeanne was a volunteer and later a substitute teacher at Jack and Jill Cooperative Nursery School in Chester.  When the opportunity to become an assistant teacher presented itself, she was eager to work with young children again.  Jeanne is honored to be a part of an educational environment which fosters students’ personal growth and recognizes each child’s unique needs, abilities and interests.

Barb Westwater (Tots Teacher)

Barb, known by the children as “Mrs. W.”, joined the KNS staff in 2016, after bringing her granddaughter to Terrific Tots.  She now teaches this program.  Barb loves helping guide the two-year olds and their care givers as they grow during this initial school experience.  She is a certified teacher who has been in education for over 40 years.  She has taught at all levels K-12 and also at the college level.  Barb lives with her husband Jeff in Westbrook.  They are both retired but stay active taking care of their four grandchildren.