The Killingworth Nursery School Association, Incorporated, is a non-profit, interdenominational, cooperative membership association, licensed by the State of Connecticut, which operates a preschool program through the cooperative efforts of all members and under the guidance of certified and trained teachers.  The association sponsors parent education by making provisions for the parents to assist in the classroom and to meet together for the exchange of ideas.

The nursery school program provides an environment where children may be aided in their early life adjustments by broadening their experiences, promoting democratic experience in-group activity, and by aiding their total social growth in a variety of ways.

It is our goal to create a safe, stimulating environment and nurture a love of learning. We recognize preschoolers as happy, confident explorers of life. By making the most of the teachable moment, we hope to spark the imagination in every child and through a variety of activities we aim to instill confidence and positive self-esteem.

We are dedicated to the partnership of education and value communicating positive values between students and their families.

Reading Readiness

Listening to stories both read aloud and books on CD, independent book time, flannel board stories, letter recognition and sounds, beginning letter and sounds of words.

Language Arts

Communication skills, verbal expression, simple stories, recognizing and writing name, writing letters and numbers, plays and dramatic play, puppet corner and show and tell.


Counting, number recognition, grouping sets, simple geometric shapes, matching and pairing objects, manipulative table toy materials and block play.

Social Studies

Thinking about the world around us, careers, community helpers, transportation, and good citizenship.


Dinosaurs, ocean mammals, five senses and sensory activities, nature, weather, seasons, human body and simple science concepts, problem solving.


Home and family, positive self-image, safety, healthy foods and cleanliness, exercise, dental hygiene and fire, bicycle safety.

Arts & Crafts

Creative self-expression through use of all materials: tempera painting, watercolors, markers, chalk, play dough, crayons, pencils, shaving cream sculptures, clay, ink, stampers, glue, glitter, collage materials, scissors, tracers and murals.


Finger plays and songs reflective of unit of interest, marching, rhythm band, circle games, song tapes and CD’s.

Physical Movement

Large motor movement both indoors and on the outdoor playground using all equipment: climber, slides, swings, playhouse, sand toys and diggers, bicycles, parachute, balls, hoops, circle games, hopping, running, exercise tapes, dancing and marching.