Our Mission

Killingworth Nursery School Association is a non-profit preschool providing fun and exciting learning experience for children ages two to five.  It is the goal of the Killingworth Nursery School to foster a love for learning and prepare its students both academically and socially for kindergarten and beyond.   


The main focus of our school is to provide each child with the successful experiences needed to develop a positive self-image and give them the building blocks to succeed both academically and socially in the future.  We feel this goal is best achieved by:

  • Regarding each of the children as the unique individuals they are, with different styles and rates of learning.
  • Valuing the development of the whole child; mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.
  • Providing a rich environment of discovery activities during choice lesson times and outdoor play.
  • Accepting all feelings and providing appropriate outlets for them.
  • Helping children to share in classroom routines and take responsibility for their actions.

As a cooperative program, all members of the Association and the teaching staff work together for the benefit of all the children and families of Killingworth Nursery School Association.


The Killingworth Nursery School was founded in 1953 by a group of interested parents.  The parents raised funds to be able to rent a building which was located on Roast Meat Hill Road, Killingworth and the school was opened. In 1955 the Killingworth Kindergarten Association was incorporated as a non-profit organization.  The schools closed in 1962 due to kindergarten being included in elementary school.  At this time the school remained incorporated but with no activity until 1966. In November of 1966 the association’s name was changed to Killingworth Nursery School Association and classrooms were rented in the Killingworth Congregational Church where it is still located and run as a cooperative today.